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And I would have to say that I miss you

Funny how something as simple as shifting through a wallet brings forth old memories. Saw a D&D gift card stuck in one of the little pockets -- a card that's been empty for a while. And suddenly I was recalling when I used it up on smoothies, no less. Mine was the mango kind -- my first time, really potent. Sitting, reading the Day. The newspaper, not the space of time. And I was recalling the company, a pair that I generally wouldn't spend time with together, just the two of them. Two of the most important male types in my life. I remember how it was just fun, and simple, and wasn't weird like it could have been. We even sat on a railroad pull cart eating stir fry and looking at flashy foreign motorcycles that day, as well as the rooftop fireworks that night. I wonder if anyone else remembers it. I hadn't until I saw the card.
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